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  3. The motor has an 180 deg thermostat Neil. It runs around 190-195 most of the time. As long as the fuel level is accurate that all what matters . I get what Barney and Midlife is saying.
  4. Never mind. I got lucky and found them in my parts bucket. Looks like trouble if they are needed. Never found a source. Part numbers are 1A28734 (right) and 1A28735 (left).
  5. The needle does not tell what the actual temp is. Only an infra red gun or gauge with an actual readout in farenheit or celcius will. A non original temp sender will typically position the needle in a different position than a properly working orig sender will at the proper operating temp, then it can so if the needle reads lower or higher with the aftermarket sender, it does not mean the actual engine temp is lower or higher. A gauge with a numerical read out is the best way to determine engine temp.
  6. Yes, a 69 vert. Thanks for the tip. I'll give your suggestion a try this weekend.
  7. See pics, just pulled the taller(rusty with pink stripe) of the two out of a 70, 302, auto, ps car. The shorter (black) spring came out of a 69 390 auto ps car. The shorter is also 1/8” bigger in diameter Putting a 428 in the 70, already beefed up the shock towers and lowered upper control arm 1” for doing Shelby drop. Should the black 390 be shorter, or did someone already cut the spring in lieu of dropping upper control arm?
  8. All our rears may be a tad wide ,just have to deal with it
  9. RPM

    Best bumpers?

    My NPD's are 3 years old and show no wear or pitting. The rears might be a tad wide but I don't know if they're wider than stock.
  10. The only way to get some degree of accuracy is to have separate adjustable cvr's for both fuel and temp, fill the tank half full and adjust to half way on the gauge. On a side note if you are running at 180 deg, I feel that you are running a bit cold, as regards to engine wear.
  11. 70 column and attaching bracket is different, so it does not have the adjustability I mentioned for the 69.
  12. Yesterday
  13. The Henry Ford is a great place to spend a day. Trains, planes and automobiles. Farm equipment, furniture, stationary engines. A pre-fab aluminum house prototype. All setting on 500,000 sq. ft. of herringbone teak flooring. Don't overlook Greenfield Village, it's on the same property, and the Rouge Plant tour leaves from The Henry Ford. Dave R.
  14. I’ve used the A1 electric set for two cars now. They need to bolt in though
  15. I guess it's called a hinge. The part is circled in red in the attached picture. I might get lucky & fine them in my bucket of parts. Just in case not, anyone know of a source? Didn't find on CJP, NPD or Scott Drake catalog.
  16. Thank you. The engine block is 2V heads and 2bbl set up. yet going to a 4bbl intake from Edelbrock and just leaving the 2v heads to see what they do. I have a 4V set of heads and the 4v intake for it. So guess the engine is whatever I want it to be at this point. Not sure what heat operated valve you would be talking about. I don't have anything right now on the intake. I will want performance parts probably like msd ignition, coil, etc... so probably need to go with a more expensive distributer? Appreciate the reply and advice.
  17. tgwise

    1969 Mustang E'

    What little I have had it out which has been a mix of city / two lane highways if I am doing my math correctly it is getting 25 mpg's. Which is what is reported from Ford back in 68' / 69'.
  18. Set your CVR voltage so that when the fuel tank is 1/4 full, your fuel gauge reads 1/4. From there, your oil and water temperature needle indications will show what they will be for your actual temperature and pressure. Deviations from those positions will indicate a problem. There is no absolute position for oil and water gauges, only relative positions.
  19. :-) I meant I only have a wholesale account with Dynacorn. Do the NPD bumpers hold up or do they begin to pit after a while? the ones i have from Dynacorn are beginning to show little dots in the chrome after only 2 years
  20. thrice

    Best bumpers?

    I'm in the process of putting my Mach 1 back together. I bought the NPD bumpers in 2013, they are from Golden Legion. I don't know if these are the "good ones" already, but I'm not completely happy with the rear bumper. It's pretty light and I think it's wider than it's supposed to be. I haven't checked the front bumper yet, though... Does NPD have another set of bumpers now? The part numbers are the same today and when I ordered them.
  21. Do you have a 69? I took out a 69 coupe steering column recently. Noticed that the column can be slid aft/forward 1.5-2 inches. To do that, you have to loosen the bolt that tightens the firewall bracket around the column, and loosen the 2 nuts that tighten the bracket that squuezes the column at the dash. Then you should be able to pull the column out (unless yours has been pulled all the way out already). This should move the wheel aft and up a little bit. I think 69 coupe and vert columns are the same and mounted the same way. I can get you some pictures showing the 2 nuts/bracket and the adjustment if you want.
  22. You can not use the needle as an indicator of temp, because it will read differently with an aftermarket sender than with an original one, however, with the orig one, the needle will be around 1/4 up from cold if the sender is working properly. .
  23. Original post was about a coupe, fastback quarter window is not same as coupe quarter window?
  24. Can anyone tell me were the temp needle should sit when the motor temp is 180 deg. I have an electronic constant voltage regulator so its adjustable .
  25. So I bought the 1970 door glass kit for my 69 mach 1 and so do I need to buy the 70 quarter window glass and vertical trim or just buy the 70 trim. Thanks
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