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Covid vaccine

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On 1/5/2021 at 12:40 AM, mustangstofear said:

Just got to Florida last night and was watching something on regular TV that was actually accurate.  Of course this was something I already knew,  but was surprised it was on  public TV. It was about how our government started developing the virus here in 2014 with Fauci,  then decided a couple years later to send it to China and pay them 3.7 million to finish developing it. Gates has been involved since day one. They have had years to work on the vaccine while the virus was being developed. 

Why would China be interested in a measly $3.7M to develop a virus for the US? Makes no sense.

Personally I believe the virus was manufactured by the Chinese. When a dozen people in Woohan got the flew they immediately identified it as COVID 19 and locked down the city. Very quick to identify and a very quick reaction. Not sure the outcome was what they predicted with the world turning against them.

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