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Wilwood Master and plumbing?

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I am considering moving to a Wilwood master cylinder for brakes. I have Wilwood front discs, and planning to convert the rears to WW discs as well.  I don't really want a vacuum booster, I like the clean simple look of just a master. 

What did you do for plumbing and prop valve? Use the WW valve on the side wall, or the one mounted to the master? Do I still need the stock oem distribution block? Did you plumb the WW over to the stock lines or go all new from the master to the brakes? 

Trying to determine how big this project is going to be... Looking for any ideas and experiences...



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I read on another site the WW master has the front bowl for the front brakes. When I did my manual brakes I used new lines, a 1993 Ranger? mc, and only the WW adjustable prop valve. My brakes work pretty darn well. 

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