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Whats the difference with moog k8161 and a roller idler arm

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I have a new moog k8161 and it looks identical (to me at least) as the opentracker roller idler arm.

Anyone know if these two the same thing?

I'd hate to buy the same thing twice especially if its goto run $85 the second time.

I already have the other parts for my manual steering figured out and I'm going to have chockostang rebuild my steering box (power steering version) once he emails me the information.  

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It looks like you just have to go by the description- the Moog part doesn't say it has roller bearings, even though it costs more, and Opentracker does:

Crafted to outperform OE replacements, Moog's idler arms are solid one-piece designs with all new hardware and grease fittings for serviceability. This durable design, coupled with the ability to flush out contaminants and re-grease the idler arm ensures that you'll not only restore your vehicle's performance, you'll also make it last much longer. Plus, Moog covers all of their idler arms with a lifetime warranty handled in-house here at DST.

Improve the steering of your classic with an Opentracker roller idler arm. A roller idler arm reduces steering effort and allows greater feedback to the driver by keeping the steering geometry in check. Replacing the factory rubber bushing with  grease-able bearings maintains proper position of the center link as it moves from side to side. Manual steering cars will especially appreciate this upgrade as the reduced steering effort results in more precise steering input while cornering. Slow speed steering is also greatly improved making it ideal for street cars as well. Opentracker roller idler arms are made in the US.


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