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Modern light for a 69?

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Remind us- do you have stock lights now? Did you determine why your lights are browning out, even though you have a "large" alternator? 

IMO, lights that aren't DOT approved are dangerous to you and other drivers. Without a properly tested light pattern they can reflect light back at the driver in fog or rain, or blind oncoming cars. I would check with Daniel Stern Lighting and see what he says. Because of our unique size (5-3/4") we have limited choices, and low volume makes it unlikely that manufacturers will perform expensive testing. I think there is at least one approved LED, but it is multi-faceted like a bug eye and ugly as sin.

There are DOT approved halogens (and they look like a normal headlight), but I am not aware if any HIDs are approved. Halogens have higher power requirements than stock, and LEDs have lower, but I am unfamiliar with HIDs. With a properly wired relay system even halogens should work for you.


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