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Explain it to me please !

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So I am old and have seen a lot so far but the complete loss of common sense has me at a loss.

Why is it so dangerous to vote in person, Yet we go to the stores, gas stations, banks and more without worry about the so called danger.

They blame Trump for the virus, So do they have a better idea or cure ? If so then why do they not come out and show us what can be done to stop it ,  Why do they need me to vote for them to see their plans.

They keep yelling Black lives matter , As they slaughter each other in the streets daily.

Calling to defund the Police , But do not say who or what is the plan to protect the citizens of the US.

You want a Green New Deal , But you cannot tell me why tossing money in the air is going to stop millions of years of climate change.

You scream for reparations and burn down, loot, kill and say I have white privilege but know nothing about my lifes hardships.

News Flash!!!! Your reparation check has been defunded and sent to the cash pot to replace and rebuild the cities and business's that were destroyed in your misguided riots.


Looking back at the Lefts idea of It Takes a Village to Raise a Child program ,  They forgot to consider what would the out come would be when your village is full of Idiots!

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LoL ya'all are late to the party, the stock up time was back when the last moron got re-elected, It was much cheaper then and ups guy needed a back brace for my deliveries.

I just need more fuel storage for the backhoe, Takes a lot to dig all those holes.


So why can Rosetta and babble teach us a new language but can't teach english to the rest of them?

Why as you run from the law because of warrants for your arrest and you fight them, You are the poor misunderstood sole?

So its ok for you all to riot and cause terror in the streets, But I can not stand in line to vote?

Most of these idiots crying about slavery fail to understand the Democrats brought back slavery in the 60's, It was called the DRAFT! Don't tell me it wasn't the same i was caught up in it.

If these fools want to burn everything down, Just where are they going to live?

Who came up with the idea that we should care what some spoiled hollywood or music clown or sports baby think.

Most could not truly come up with a thought of their own in the first place.

Why does these morons rioting are all for it till someone hands them their ass, Then they want the police there to save them.





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Why does the left complain so much about Obama's pick not getting in?

Rules state it takes the senate vote to fill the seat. Now use simple logic here, They saved the taxpayers for not wasting time with any hearings as the vote count was not there and they moved on.

So while sitting rocking on my porch gazing at the trees swaying in the breeze, I ponder why do they think we are this racist nation?

Now trying to keep to the KISS rule may not be easy here. But if you consider we are not the oldest nation turning back to the beginning they left those nations to start a new.

Step up to the founding time frame and it was businessmen and dreamers that hashed out the basics for this new nation that the people should have say in.

A document that may not have been perfect but gave the people guidelines and options for change that the people may need later.


So how is it that with almost 200 nations out there, We are the worst racist and hated place to live.

Many nations have been around for thousands of years as we have less than 250 under our belt.

But as those years passed by, Many changes have been made to improve the life of the people that further the main goal of that founding document, Equality for ALL!

Unlike far too many of other nations that still follow the rule and thoughts of one.  And they call us racist with out even having the knowledge that saying anything outside the lines of the thought of one could have your life ended.

I keep hearing this " One World Order" is the only choice for our future, Now look around and tell me who's Order is to be followed?

You have approx 200 different Orders out there and of this time of the globes life non of them are willing to give up theirs to follow yours.


So did the group drafting the laws of the land here make a mistake ?  Some may say yes as others will say no, They left it in the peoples hands to shape the nation they choose to live in. It seems that too many have allowed their voice to be spoken by so few. While the most trusted their speaker, They failed to pay attention to the deeds they were doing matching the words they have spoken. In doing so they started accepting the excuses they made for not following the direction the people were seeking only to believe the next promise made.

This is when the politics turn into the best carnival barker that drew the attention of the people could lead the flow of the flocks journey down the path of One without question.   I hear they should have term limits and THEY need to make it law,  Really They are not needed nor will they make any law that removes power from them.

Simply vote them out for another, If this other does not follow the peoples wishes then replace them next vote. A very simple check the box seeking those who wish to improve life for all not just some.


I need coffee......

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So I did watch the debate, or lack of as it turned out and good ol Joe can not even do that without crib notes to keep what little mind he has left on track.

While i kept telling the tv, Hey Trump keep quiet and let the real clown juggle his thoughts and just wait for it to all drop on the floor as he stands there in bewilderment.

Come on Man! What makes Trump so bad?

Is it because he is not one of the career life long politicians in their group?

Or is because this business man steps in and gets more done for the American people in a short time than they ALL have done in years.

Maybe its because he is showing the people that their politicians take a task of something so simple to complete and fill it full of crap for their friends and line their own pockets with cash.  Like the 1 billion dollar building plan, Hey how about using what resources we have and complete the task for under a million?

Maybe its the follow thru on the statements he makes and get it done, Even without help from congress, Guess they just think we are not watching them.

I would be willing to have 8 more years of Trump than 8 minutes of the Lefts Idiots in charge.


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So watching over the news cycles and ads on this idiot box called TV,  I have to wonder has everyone lost common sense?

How long are the people going to continue being the test subjects of this control program.

Not only do they change the rules at their whims they shame you all into following the sheep herds.

The obummer/biden plan for H1N1 led to over 60 million infected as they did nothing. If it would have been as deadly as this virus how many would have died then?

Now its use sanitizers and wear masks, Each has its own drawbacks.

Logic is too much of anything will be bad for you. Each time you use a sanitizer it gets into your system and soon your body has no natural antibodies to combat any type of virus. Just as wearing a mask all the time where it is not needed. Yea it is going to help me as I sit here all alone with no one around but they say I must follow the rule.

Notice all the ads now have you use online ordering and payment, One more chip in the wall to do away with cash and gain more control over your life.

Once they get their foot up your ass you will have no way to resist them.  As they see you eat too many hamburgers and say it is bad for your health and adding to the cow fart enviroment woes and cut you off and your card will not work because they locked you out.

Are you that blind to them taking away your freedom of choice?  Are you willing to give up your rights to control how to live your life to them?

Or are you following the sheep herd that is willing to change direction each time the say its a FREE app or get money back if you just use our tracking of your purchases.

Do you not realize the game is rigged against you?  They are the farmer who lets the herd roam the fields as they quietly place pieces of fence across the land.

With each piece installed it limits you, Slowly the farmer surrounds the field as you graze. His next step is to raise your fear level as the fence moves closer and closer limiting your choice and direction of movement.

Now he has you trapped, you can not escape then he gives up a small opening that you see others seemingly to make a break for freedom.

But as the go thru it and never return your told the have moved to a greener field and you can go too just walk up the ramp.

Sadly the ramp leads to you being on their dinner plate as they get fatter and smile.

Open your eyes and your mind or your doomed to be on the menu!



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So according to Basement Joe, This laptop thing is just a smear directed towards him.

Then tell me why that the other 2 morons that were in with Hunters company are in jail and he is not?

You want to show a real case of special treatment then here is a prime example for you.

My daddy is the vp and you can not hold me accountable for my actions because i am special!

Now the media and the dems have told us for years how no one is above the law,  But when there is proof of wrong doing against them it just a smear campain and nothing to see so move on.

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