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Vintage LEDs, Tail, DRL and Side Markers for 1970

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I could make side maker, but these are built by had so a little on the high side for price.  For the 70 I charge $25 a set (red or amber).  If there is interest I could.

On the 70 some of the rear bulbs are wedge and some are round base.  Fronts are wedge.  What type of bulb does the 69 use?

Feel free to e-mail me





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12 hours ago, gtonavy said:

What type of bulb does the 69 use?

From googling (since I don't have my originals close by) it apperas to be of 194 style bulbs.

I'm way too far away from needing to install lights at the moment, but when I get closer I'll be sure to contact you, if not for the side markers then for everything else. I really like the reverse/turn light combo. Since every car from -76 onwards are required to have amber turn signals here in Sweden-land the Mustang is exempt from it, but because of that most people have a harder time reacting to red turn signals, myself included, so the amber ones seems really atractive.

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