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C4 kickdown shaft not turning

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I went to put an aftermarket kickdown cable on as it was missing.

I have the shaft coming through the neutral switch but no OEM lever but the kit has a lever.

However, I cannot get the kickdown shaft to rotate. One way it has a positive stop and the other it just tightens. It can move in and out slightly about 1/8" or a bit more.

Having nil experience in automatics what could be the issue? It is leaking from the shafts and my searching today reveals there are 2 different length kickdown shafts which causes the oring to leak. It's not the original trans to the car and based on the way the whole car has been put together I would not be surprised if it was some hybrid thing put together from parts bin leftovers.

I guess not too much force is needed to move it? I am thinking perhaps whatever plunger it moves may be stuck due to no use?

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