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Intake and lifter galley gap

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I'm guessing the intake in installed by now, but ARP has intake studs for small block Ford motors.  Makes installing the intake easy and less concern about pulling threads out of those aluminum cylinder heads.

Is it my eyes or does that intake not fit the cylinder heads very well?  I see the gasket in place but there appears to be a gap at the top and contact at the bottom.

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ummm...wow, ya never know what your gonna learn on at this place.

Yeah, if it is NOT installed yet, make sure the intake runners are square to the heads. I think what 1969_mach1 is seeing is an anomaly but as he suggestes, it's good to check.

Exactly what intake gaskets are you using and what thickness are they? i prefer the fel pro laminated gaskets for this app because they are far less likely to leak water..

As suggested, use a bead of silicone instead of the cork or rubber end seals. 1/4" before being torqued down is slightly on the high side to insure that a cork gasket will seal properly. Use only gray high temp permatex gasket maker or toyota fipg for the end seals. clean the crap out of the block and intake for the sealer and wipe it with alcohol after you clean it. after installing the intake, let it sit 24 hours so the silicone can dry. after this you can cut the excess silicone off with a razor blade if you like. dont use too much or it can squeeze out and fall into the lifter galley.




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