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Ridge Runner

1935 Ford Pick Up

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I know this is a mustang site so i hope no one minds ,it is built with mostly mustang parts haha. 

I have to sell it so i am letting it go cheap ,the property i have been wanting just came up for sale .

All steel except for the rear fenders ,those are almost impossible to find 

Original very nice frame blasted epoxied and painted .

302 J code from a 68 mustang . 280 H comp cam with Pete Jackson gear drive ,has about  3,000 miles but hasnt been started in about 3 years 

85 T5 from a GT mustang . Scatter shield 

Narrowed 9 inch 391 track lock N case . New Currie 31 spline axles .

4 wheel disk brakes 

All new light green tint glass 

Torque thrust wheels and BFGs

Needs interior ,some one finnish this thing !

I hate to let it go but i want this property . I have the title and it is on non op. $10,000. Strathmore California

if not allowed please delete 


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9 hours ago, Ridge Runner said:

Someone just sent me a email saying the guy that bought my 35 just relisted it at $25,000 haha ! Not only trying to make a profit but 150% profit  ,gota love it !

Here's your chance to overcome your regrets: buy it now, RR!  That's a fair price, although you could probably haggle him down a couple of hundred.

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Sold my other 69 today ,it pushed me over the top to buy the property next door ,yep ,the place where all those loud parties were ! I got to serve them the eviction papers so it was alllll worth it !! 

Down to only 4 classic cars now and feeling a bit naked but i will enjoy the crap out of the property as i sit back and enjoy my fully paid in full kingdome haha

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