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Radio cuts off when turn signal starts

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9 hours ago, ralt962 said:

danno, Mach 1 Driver, and of course Midlife got it right!  It was the contacts in the fuse block.  To me they looked clean, didnt appear to have rust.  But I used wet/dry paper on all contacts plus used dielectric grease.  Problem gone.  Just took it for a nice ride.  NO cut out with turn signals or with the reverse lights.  

Thank you guys!  Makes the cruise that much better!

And  its still Candy Apple Red!

Awesome news!  Great detective work.

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On 7/30/2020 at 8:30 PM, danno said:


My next wild ass guess is to repaint your car.  The red is sucking juice.   Paint it green, it never sucks. 

BTW, my 69 convertible is also Candy Apple Red.  It sucks the juice right out of my checking account, but it is worth it. Stick with the red!

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Sorry it doesn't say dielectric grease.  But it is a Silicone grease.  So how ever I put it in must have rubbed off enough to make good contact.  

But that was the issue and at this point I dont want to touch it.   But some time this summer I'll pull it and wipe it down to see if it made a difference.

you are absolutely right about non conductive.  

I'll wait until after the Dream Cruise, or this year the non Dream Cruise.  I'm about 40 minutes from there.  I'm sure it will be good just no Corp tents.  

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