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AAW turn signals issue

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So my turn signals and hazard lights are not functioning after the AAW swap. I wired them to the examples provided per AAW. then they are sent to the Dakota digital box. The box does not show any reading for either the signals or hazards. No fuses are blowing and I verified that I am getting 12v from AAW. Not sure what’s up 



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The front and rear lights must operate without the DD connected. All the Dakota unit has are the right and left turn indicators. If the car lights operate but the DD doesn't then its a problem with the Dakota. If that's the case I would bench test it-- apply power and ground, and then apply an input to the directional and see if it works. What Dakota do you have?

If its the AAW harness that's the problem, then its quite a change from a stock system and most of us (myself included) can't help you. Do they provide a point to point wire diagram that shows all the splices on a wire, or is it a branched highway wire diagram? A branched highway diagram doesn't show where the wire goes, it just shows the ends entering the highway (harness). As you can gather, a branched highway diagram is pretty useless, but often that is all that is supplied.

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