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1967 Coupe, 68 Coupe & 87 LTD

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Okay gentlemen here is the deal.

1967 Mustang Coupe is in pretty nice shape, I started tearing it down to restore for my son when I stumbled upon a 68 that was even better and already had new floor pans and the Shelby tail light panel installed so I stopped work on the 67 and pushed it out under my little covered shed.

The pans are not in bad shape and just need to really be patched. The quarter panels and drop off pans are in excellent shape, fenders and doors are in good shape as is the trunk...The car is a solid little car to restore... Its got 5 Lugs all around and was told the rear end was rebuilt b4 I got it... Car had a 289 and 4spd in it but I'm using that so no motor or transmission is in the car and the car is stripped down to just a rolling chassis so you can see EXACTLY what your getting....Rails are in good shape as well.


1968 Mustang Coupe....Rust Bucket POS Parts car...This thing makes a block of swiss cheese look solid HOWEVER I bought it because it came with an ass load of brand new parts and it still has a lot of good useable stuff on it. Car is equipped with an Inline 6 and a 3 speed...brake and clutch pedal still there also.


1987 LTD Crown Vic.

Bought this car from a buddy of mine and if the front end was not busted up I would have drove this thing LOL... Bought it just because its got a 65k Mile RUNNING EFI 302 and a fresh AOD transmission...You can actually drive it around the block still LOL.


So here's what all you get with this package deal.

1967 Mustang Coupe (With Clear Louisiana Title In my Name) plus all associated fenders & Doors etc

1968 Mustang Coupe (No title bc I haven't applied for it) plus all associated fenders and doors.

1987 LTD (No title because I don't care if I have it or not LOL)

1. Brand New Dynacorn Full Floor pan...Yep the BIG one

2. Brand new Dynacorn Full Rear Pan...The other big one that joins to the first one.

3. 2ea new Complete Rockers..pretty sure they are Dynacorn.

4. New Core Support

5. New Torque Boxes 

6. Running 65K Mile EFI 302 with fresh AOD that is in the LTD

7. All Glass for both Mustangs.

8. also have a bunch of other new parts in boxes that I don't need that will go as well.

Just trying to clean some crap out and move some of these cars out of my shop/Yard


So for a Measly $3500 you get all this fun stuff to play with, and once you build the 67 you can haul the 68 & the LTD to the scrap yard and recoup about $400 Cash so you are only into the 67 got about 3100 haha.

Located in Walker Louisiana just outside of Baton Rouge 

Contact me here or via Email / Text 


Pics to follow this evening.



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In case you are interested,  the electric trunk release from a 87 Crown Vic might bolt right up to your 67 to  73 Mustang.  If it looks like this one, you are in luck. I know the ones in a 1985 Crown would, not sure about 1987.  It is one of the mods that dozens of us on this forum have done. 


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