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351 Windsor Mods

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I have a stock 351W in a 69 Mustang convertible with three speed automatic. The engine is basically rebuilt stock with a Edelbrock 1406/600 CFM carb and stock exhaust manifold. I'm looking for suggestions to boost horsepower in increments. Exhaust? Intake? I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!



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Heads, Cam, Intake & Headers should do the trick.

Patriot Performance Alum heads are pretty good for the money, just buy bare and have machine shop build them to your liking tho bc their hardware is junk.

The Edelbrock top end package is a good way to go as well..have a friend who just did the entire top end kit on his rebuilt stock 351 and it made a world of difference to the point that we swapped him one of our center sections with 3.55's for his 4.10 equipped center section and he is one happy camper now..he kept saying that with his 5 speed he could break the tires looks way to easy for his liking under light acceleration in 1st to 3rd so we needed a 4.10 gear for a weak lil 306 so we swapped.

I wouldn't go to big on the cam if you are running power brakes tho.... Kicking in the cash to upgrade to Retro Fit Roller lifters IMHO is well worth the money if you have an older block that is not equipped for standard roller lifters..This will free up a little horsepower and allow you to run a roller cam with a good bit larger specs than you would with just a standard Hyd flat tappet cam and still keep the vacuum for power brakes and street manners. The Comp XE264HR OR the XE274HR cam seems to do really good in the 351's that we have run them in with both steel or Aluminum heads...of course it runs better with Alum heads but what cam doesn't LOL.

Intake just stick to a standard Dual Plane Alum Edelbrock and your will be happy.

Exhaust--- Pick your passion... I would go with Some Shorties tho because they make life much easier...1-3/4" primaries would be ideal but 1-5/8" will do okay with Iron heads.

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I did the Edelbrock Performer RPM top end package, which consists of heads, intake and cam on my 393 stroker.   I have 1.6 roller rockers.

Here is what I used:

Intake Manifold

Edlebrock Performer RPM




Edelbrock Performer RPM


1.90 Intake Valves

Head Bolts

ARP ½” 180,000 psi




Edelbrock Performer RPM


Duration @ 0.050

Intake 224 degrees

Exhaust 234 degrees


Timing Chain

Edelbrock Performer

Double Roller Chain

7820 Series

Iron Cam Sprocket

Billet Steel Crank Sprocket

Use original cam thrust plate

Double Eccentric

Set up for Mechanical Fuel Pump


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