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69 SuperCoupe

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Thanks, that's a possibility though I'd have to buy a rectangular pair.

This is what I was thinking about mounting in the airdam. 4" diameter



I also have these on hand, 3.25 diameter.



Final shape achieved & primed. I'll wet sand the entire thing next with 320 grit and re-prime. Once I get everything smooth I'll spray with some KBS rust seal and SEP. Hopefully that will add a layer of chip protection to the fiberglass.





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Thanks Bob! Don't think I'll be making another anytime soon. If I had more space than my tiny garage it wouldn't take so long to do but that's my own fault. I was concerned in the beginning it wouldn't look right but seeing it on the car at this stage (not quite done yet) confirms to me it blends well with the car's styling.Too many times in this hobby people tend to add trendy features to a car that doesn't blend well with it's styling. IE,  Elanor features don't work with every year of mustang.

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Went with the smaller round lights down below. Added cut outs for the LED Audi A4 front marker lights. Wet sanded with 230 wet and re-primed using some leftover spray bomb primer. Most of that will get sanded off.




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