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69 SuperCoupe

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I've been on these forums for a long time and have never made a build thread for my car, mostly because of the slow progress. Well I decided to create one to somewhat document the progress such that it is.

Some background. This car is the 3rd (of 16)(2nd 69) mustang I've owned. I bought it in December 1983 when stationed at Blytheville AFB Arkansas. It changed hands a couple of times before I got it but had come from Texas with a young airman. It actually got the 351C engine from my 72 Gran Torino sport at one time. It had a 351W 3 spd in it by the time I got it. I drove it for a while even moving it when I transfered to Grissom AFB Indiana. Sometime around late 84/early 85 I traded my frozen 429 SCJ motor I had for the 72 Gran Torino Sport for a 70 351C with completed machine work and ready to build. I built the cleveland and swapped out the windsor replacing the 3 spd and 8 inch rear with a close ratio 4 spd and 9 inch with 3.00-1 gears from a 70 cougar at the same time about March 85. I drove it pretty regularly till mid October 86 when I decided to rebuild the car. It's been in various states of dis-assembly ever since.

This past fall I contacted a guy on pro-touring forums who does renderings and contracted him to do one for my car as inspiration and to help motivate me to do more. I'm not getting any younger! This represents my vision for at least the exterior of my car.


Condition when bought.



In Indiana after engine rebuild


At parents place spring 85



It's far from being done but I'll be adding more pics in the next few days till I get to present state.

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Marti report


I modeled the framing and interior layout in SolidWorks several years ago as I was redeveloping my plans for the car. Not 100% accurate but useful nonetheless. 


The rear frame rails from S&W Racecars tacked up.



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Framing in process





Rear bumper mounts



New taillight panel & filler mod





Right quarter panel cut out, new outer wheelhouse welded in. Old one trimmed 2 inches otbd of flange & new one mated to it with flange trimmed off.



Fabbing right quarter scoop & ducting.





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Thanks Mike!

Lower Dash mod





I may tinker with it some more as I'm not 100% satisfied with it.

My stainless steel gas tank. It has a sump area below the larger opening. The sump has openings on each side and covered with SS mesh. I've filled the tank with fuel cell foam blocks to minimize fuel sloshing. The bottom panels angle towards the sump at about a 20 degree angle.

Image of my design model


I supplied the SS pieces and a friend Tig welded it for me.


Big plate with sending unit mounted.


Using this fill valve


I need to take a pic of the complete tank.

Lower mount for the 3-link lower arms. They mount to the axle leaf spring pads with the U-bolts.

3D model


Welded up & lower arm attached


Finished mount


Rebuilt my pedal bracket & pedals. Installed a Mustangsteve bearing kit.


Revisited the pedals, modified.






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The 9 inch rear is getting 3.50 gears replacing the 3.00 ones. I'm also going to try the Power Trax No-Slip set up for the differential. I have all new ARP hardware for it also.


Its also getting a later model OEM style rear disk brake set up, QA1 coil overs and ThorBros watts link.




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The engine is a 70 351C 4V with closed chambers.

Before I started disassembly. Posted elsewhere in the forums.


I've been buying parts here & there. I have all new ARP hardware, thermostat & housing, Quick Fuel SS-750-AN carb, Hamburger 1" carb spacer, MSD ignition system, Romac double row timing set, Aluminum external oil filter adapter, Hamburger remote filter mount, Mallory electric fuel pump & regulator, Aeromotive primary & secondary fuel filters, Aluminum fuel pump block-off plate, Milodon water pump, Moroso oil breather tank & coolant overflow tank, G+ oil cooler, gauge sending units and Felpro gasket set. I'll be reusing my Offenhauser Port-O-Sonic intake.


I'm wanting to pull the heads soon and have them rebuilt so I'm currently thinking through the cam and associated valve train I want to use. The top of the short list is Howards P/N 230245-12, 


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I'll try from my personal PC but it's definitely not showing up on my work machine.  I see the post images where you show the front bumper / chin spoiler build and the fuel tank and a couple others but not the rest.  Boo hoo hoo.  Sure sounds like an awesome build so I'm hoping I can get the photos to load for me.

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I stumbled on the setup and it looked like a good alternative for the oem locking differential. I have a 28 spline 9 inch I'm changing gears in anyhow and figured since its available for the 28 spline diff I'd give it a try and see how well it works or not.

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I got them on ebay a few years ago. There were a number of bulbs of different power ratings you could select from. They're still in the boxes in a closet so I should be able to get you a part number in a day or two. I know they're available through other parts sites online also.

Found this listing on ebay. I think there might be some minor modification of the headlight bowls required also.


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