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Hello, newbie here.

I just tried to search for info on T-56 swaps, came up blank. I'm probably doing the search incorrectly.

Anyway, I have 69 fastback project, originally a 351W/FMX Mach 1. Decided on doing a Boss 302 / T-56 swap.

The T-56 I have is a 1992 Viper, but I have a 302 "bellhousing". So I need to learn what mods the tranny needs,

and I think it just needs an SBF input shaft, and the proper output yoke. I'm not sure about the clutch linkage either,

haven't looked real close yet. Would prefer a conventional mechanical clutch linkage.

Speedo output also not sure yet.

Anyway, appreciate any leads or links.

Thanks much !

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I'm in similar thoughts, mostly in the gathering-of-information part so far though.

From what I've read about the input shaft it seems the Viper is better than Ford, 26 vs 10 spline. Consider changing the clutch instead.

The Viper T56 also has its shifter 1.4 inch more forward than the Cobra T56 (https://core-shifters.com/pages/shifter-distances), which would mean you'll have to expand the shifter hole, or move the engine back for it to be centered in the stock hole. The Cobra T56 shifter is already more forward than stock according to Buening's thoroughly T56 build thread (https://www.vintage-mustang.com/threads/the-t56-conversion-into-a-70-mach.613843/) which would make it even harder I assume.

For those willing to import there is also the Cleveland/Windsor to GM T56/TR6060 bellhousing (https://www.rodshop.com.au/gm-t56-6-speed-transmission-to-ford-cleveland-and-carby-windsor-289-351.html).


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