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One wire alternator problem - Solved!

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So following several threads on this board, I upgraded my old alternator to a Powermaster one wire setup. I ran a connector from the Alternator to the positive side of the solenoid. I disconnected the voltage regulator plug from the side of the regulator. Went to start and have no power. Battery tests great, but no headlights and the car won’t start. Ideas?

I changed the solenoid after experiencing issues just to eliminate that. 

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2 minutes ago, RPM said:

Since you have power at the battery, follow it thru the connections and components and check where you no longer get power. 


i used a jumper wire from the battery to the ignition post and got the engine to crank, and switched to the other post quickly to keep it running (key is in on position). Lights and everything works. Disconnected jumper and it died. Still won’t start with key. I also noticed that the pulley on the alternator was hot to the touch, but not the rest of the alternator. Belt too tight? 

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Because I may or may not be ignorant....

There was a wire that was in the harness that I assumed was from the old alternator to the solenoid, so I had disconnected it.  I saw it there looking at me as I was swearing at everything else and thought "What the heck.  Let's plug it in and see what happens."

And the rest is history.   Now I am less ignorant.

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