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1970 Bendix brake booster $40

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I have a 1970 Bendix power brake booster I want to get rid of.   I have no idea if it works.  I bought it 20 years ago when I did not realize it will not work in a 1969. 

It would be great to send in for exchange on getting a new one.  If you want to buy a rebuilt one, they will typically charge  $200 extra if you  buy a rebuilt one and do not have one for exchange.  Buy this from me and sent in for exchange and save some.  I know the rebuilders (like West Coast Classic Cougar)  will buy it from me for $25 to $50.    I will be putting this on fleabay for a higher price if it does not sell here.  $40 plus shipping.  email me at dj747@hotmail.com.

Thanks, Danno





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I also have one from a 69. I do not think the push rods can easily be swapped.  I had no idea Napa would rebuild them, and that price seems extremely low.  West Coast Cougars charges about $200.  

You could buy my 69 for $30 and get it rebuilt for $42?  

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