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Flexplate Runout

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3 hours ago, demon69 said:


I would like to know the typical radial runout specification for a flexplate, ie, measuring at the face of the ring gear teeth.


Im not sure on the specs on runout but you won't minimum on both radially and axially.  I had some minor axial runout on my flex plate on my c4 and the torque  converter spout was worn that much it needed replacing. This also damages the seal. 

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I can't find any specs on runout.  I always buy a SFI certified flex plate.  The test specs are attached.  There is no runout specified, but there is a high RPM test.

A quick test is to place the flexplate on a flat surface, like a stainless steel workbench, crank side down.  Mark the flexplate every 30 degrees around the outside, that will give you 12 measurement points.  Measure the distance from the top of the flexplate surface to the workbench to see if they are within maybe ten thousandths.   If not, consider a new flex plate.  Once you torque it down, it will get worse.

Hope this helps.




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