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Performance Distributor that fits with Stock Aircleaners - an option

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Hi all


I thought this might help someone else in a similar situation.   Wanting to run a high quality electronic performance ignition whilst running a stock air cleaner like a factory shaker.Most performance distributors have extended shafts so the options from my research ended with something like Pertronix which get mixed reviews and the amazing work of some who modify the air cleaner lower box to provide clearance.

ICE Ignitions who are highly regarded in Australia for performance distributors didn’t list specs so I sent off an inquiry.  The response back from Michael was to contact him to discuss.  What resulted was two options - he could spec a billet body distributor to fit my requirements or I could send him my Autolite and he would essentially build a custom unit inside the original housing using a new shaft etc and supply with a cylindrical coil, 7mm leads etc and with remote mounting of the control box it would look like a factory unit but be the same as their performance units.

I haven’t ordered mine yet but given the local reputation within the performance world I do not expect any issues with any part of this.

So hopefully that helps others engaged in a similar search for options.

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