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AAW and Dakota digital questions

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After speaking to Dakota Digital tech support, I discovered that the red wire from the transmission sending unit was powered and was overwhelming the control box (as it shouldn't be powered on its own; it gets power from the control box). Now everything works perfectly! Thanks for the help!


Just two more question for you Vicfreg..Did you have to drill a hole in the fenderwells to run that wire? Also, how did you patch/close up the original holes on the firewall where the factory wiring was run?

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I also ran the wiring under the fenders, I drilled new holes in the rear inner fender panels below the hood hinges where the harness goes under the fender, & used existing holes in the front inner fender panels where the harness comes back in to the engine compartment.

Passengers side rear inner fender panel exit point.


Passengers side front inner fender panel entrance point.


Drivers side rear inner fender exit point.


Drivers side front inner fender panel entrance point.



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