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Remembering 9-11-2001

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At one time, I worked in the #2 World Trade Center (South Tower) on the 87th floor.  Years later, on 9-11-2001, colleagues and friends perished in the terrorist attack  Remembering them today.

Thoughts and prayers go to all the families who were impacted by this tragic event.  WGI was an Engineering company that today is part of AECOM.  The legacy company I worked for had people from the 78th to the 92 floor on #2WTC.


    Alan Bondarenko, WGI

    Carlos Cortes, WGI

    Robert J. DeAngelis, WGI

    Frank De Martini, Port Authority of NY & NJ

    Ulf R. Ericson, WGI

    James Gartenberg WGI

    Julien J. Studley, WGI

    Peter Gyulavary, WGI

    Vassilios G. Haramis, WGI

    Frederick Kuo Jr., WGI

    Ming Hao Liu, WGI

    Jan Maciejewski, IT consultant .

    Rocco Medaglia, G.M.P. Inc.

    Frank V. Moccia, WGI

    Emelda Perry, WGI

    Anthony Portillo, WGI

    Patricia Puma, WGI

    Luis C. Revilla, WGI

    Oleh D. Wengerchuk, WGI

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