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Fuel Cap (and related) questions!

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Hey guys, my coupe is getting exhaust today, so I can't take a photo, but I'm hoping somebody will recognize my question about the fuel cap assembly on a coupe.

Fuel cap fasteners.  There's a metal ring with a threaded stud (maybe 3/16?).  Seems reasonable that it goes through one of the holes and a nut holds it on.  Also, there are a number of other hole forming a circle that I assume are supposed to fasten the filler next to the taillight panel.  Finally, wondering if there's supposed to be a gasket between the filler neck and the panel.

In bullet form:

  • The thread size of the bolt on the gas cap retainer wire?
  • What hardware to fasten the filler neck to the taillight panel?
  • Any gasket necessary between filler neck and sheet metal

The car has been disassembled for so long...I've obviously lost some hardware and, more importantly, the memory of how it goes together.

A photo of somebody's stock cap assembly (cap unscrewed and dangling) would go a LONG way for me.



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Yes there is a gasket between the filler neck & the tail light panel. https://www.cjponyparts.com/fuel-filler-pipe-to-body-gasket-cork-1965-1973/p/HW438/

Here is a link to the hardware to attach the filler neck to the tail light panel. https://www.cjponyparts.com/fuel-tank-filler-screw-set-1965-1969/p/HW242/

I am sorry I do not know what the thread size is for the bolt on the fuel cap retainer wire. I can not take a picture of the cap from my 69 Coupe since mine was missing when I acquired the car & I am installing a pop open cap when mine goes back together. On the filler neck flange that goes up against the tail light panel there are 4 slotted holes that the attaching hardware go through to attach the filler neck to the body, & one round hole, the gas cap retaining wire stud goes through the round hole. I hope that helps you out. Here is a link to a filler neck that shows what I was explaining about the holes in the filler neck flange. https://www.cjponyparts.com/fuel-tank-filler-pipe-1969/p/FFP3/

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