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Trunk weatherstrip question

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10 minutes ago, Raven R code said:

Actually just remembered I need to do mine. Any thoughts or things to note in order to achieve a nice and clean install ( besides where the seam goes)? I have yellow 3M glue (part no. 08001)

I have just done my 65FB, so what I do is put a line of masking tape just outside the area that is the gasket line before the glue is applied, this prevents you getting glue marks on your paint outside the gasket line.

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I replaced mine on my coupe, but its the same. I just put a thin strip of adhesive to prevent it from running. I used acetone to clean the surfaces, and the rubber, before installing. Worked great

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Here's one method.

Remove the trunk lid to install the rubber.

Use painters masking tape around every 8" to hold it in place.

Tear 20 pieces of tape off and stick them around the edges of the trunk lid.

Glue a short section at a time like around 12".

Black glue is harder to see when it squeezes out beyond the gasket.

Flammable contact cement can also be used.


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