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When it rains it poors RANT

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Been trying to bust my butt the past couple weeks to get this 70 going. Ordered parts, waited for parts, installed parts.........


I got my roller clutch conversion kit today and installed it. Come to find out the bearing set up is thicker all around compared to the bushings. This prevented me from being able  to slide the locking tab on the end of the clutch shaft. It was actually off by 2mm. So.......after messing with it I decided to drill out the end of the shaft and slide a cotter pin through it to lock it into place like the older clutch pedals had. Problem solved, now onto the next one.

I ended up purchasing a Moderndriveline clutch kit and installed it onto the pedal. Turns out the clevis on the bracket actually hits the brake pedal bolt head. So I contacted Modern and talked to them about the situation and sent them some photos of the issue. I decided to put a washer between the bracket/clevis and the clutch pedal and it now clears the bolt head. Not sure if it will work but it appears to be fine......guess time will tell.

Time for the install!!!!!

Got everything bolted up and got super stoked to finally get everything done. Actually had my wife helping me as well!! I'll tell yeah right now, the aftermarket brake booster ad clutch cable kit combo is not fun to install. After about two hours everything is in. Then I decided to temporarily install the clutch cable to the clevis on the clutch pedal. Ooops, problem......Two years ago I sent the car to a shop that my buddy owned and he was supposed to put in the booster and clutch kit/bracket. He said he got everything done. NOPE!!!! Turned out whomever was working on the car drilled a small hole into the firewall for the clutch cable to go through instead of the 9/16" hole it needed. Didn't realize this until everything was already installed, by me, the second time. So......instead of pulling everything out again I decided to chance it and drilled a larger hole into the firewall through the opening on the bracket, even tho it says not to. Turned out the brake pedal support bracket is ever so slightly different that it blocks part of the original hole. So I drilled out the hole bigger and ground down part of the bracket.


After all that I came inside and told my wife "I'm selling the Mustang". It just never seems to end with this thing


My jerry rigged retainer. Also had to grind down part of the large washer. FYI, the Modern Drive line kit is actually a Scott Drake kit




Clevis hitting/rubbing against the power disc brake pedal bolt. Prior to installing a thin washer between the pedal and bracket.


Now I just need to finish up the Painless EFI harness and figure out the neutral safety switch/clutch switch fiasco and it should be running. Not driveable, but running.

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As far as the clevis hitting the power disk brake bolt, if you know the bolt size, go online to McMaster Carr and see if there is a button head bolt available.  That might give you enough clearance without having to do anything else.  Just make certain the grade is the same as what you currently have.  For that washer you had to grind a flat spot in, it looks like a USS spec washer, an SAE spec washer would have a smaller outside diameter.

It can be hard enough fitting one aftermarket component, mixing different aftermarket components can seem impossible.  My guess is some of these small aftermarket mfgs don't have the resources for much engineering and testing.  Then us, the customers, end up doing it for them.

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