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Whats wrong with this picture ??

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22 hours ago, 1969_Mach1 said:

Are those exhaust manifolds made from square tube steel?

BINGO … that was the 1st thing I noticed … thought why would someone spend the time & effort to make headers / manifolds from square tubing ??

Then I saw it was a SB-Cheeby … guess I never realized how WIDE a SBC was in comparison to a SBF.  

I'd guess '65 Falcon/Comet shock towers are same distance apart as '65-66 Mustang and space for exhaust next to that SBC looks tighter than a BBF in a '67-70 Mustang … his ho-made "Rube Goldberg" manifolds are likely the only way he could make it fit.

Car is an original "T" code, guessing 200 Six with 3-on-the-tree.   No idea what trans is in it now but shifter was on the floor.     

Sorry ... thought I posted this in the "GARAGE" forum.


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