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1G to 3G alternator conversion

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I reclocked it so that my electrical connections were where I need them, but the bolts will always be in one of three different spots. The threaded hole is on the face of the alternator which is where the mounting points are. So no matter how I clock it, there will always be a bolt in that spot. The part number is 1614E. Maybe I have the wrong one?

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It looks like that's the dipstick tube bracket attached under that bolt? Normally its attached to the inboard head bolt hole, along with the coil. Would that allow the bolt to go in far enough? If not, maybe you could grind a little off the bracket where the bolt seats. On mine the belt must be a bit longer allowing the alternator to swing out further and they never come close- so you could try a little longer belt too, and that may be the easiest fix. So there are potentially three ways to resolve your problem. I hope one of those works.

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Thanks, I emailed PA and they said they have heard of the problem but it's not common. I think I will try a longer belt like you mentioned. Another question, my harness did not have the three pin connector for the alternator. It appears the previous owner snipped it off and just twisted the wires together and taped them up (yikes). Anyways since the wires were already cut, I figured I could just dead end and heat shrink the black wire (the original B+ wire for alternator). Looking at the wire diagram everything should still work correctly except for the ammeter, which I'm not worried about (I have a voltage gauge). Am I correct in this thinking?

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I can't say with certainty because I don't know what you or the previous owner have done. Just taping off those wires would not be per PA Performance's instructions though. Also, for some reason they (PA Performance) assumes the car already has fuse links, so that presents more problems. Fuse links weren't added by Ford until 1970. The ramifications of that is explained in the attachment. I would wire the car the way shown in my attachment. I recently found out exactly what is inside their pseudo regulator (conversion kit 462802C ) and explain what it does and show how to wire everything. I like the kit because it makes all this pretty painless- if you can connect everything as shown in my diagram. This is a pretty big file and I'm not sure this will upload. If it doesn't contact me here via the private message service. 

Edit, my original concern with using 462802C was that if you're out on the road and the alternator goes out, you couldn't replace it with one from the local auto parts store because 462802C wouldn't be compatible with it. After reviewing what is in 462802C I have determined that isn't the case- see the summary just below. Bigger isn't always better when it comes to alternators. Anything over about 95 amps will require two v-belts to turn it, or a serpentine system- and that will require dumping the fan and replacing it with electric fans which will drag another 20 amps. If you don't want to go down that rabbit hole, then go with a 95 amp alternator or less.

3G, 95A Alternator Summary

1. You can use the PA Performance “1G to 3G conversion kit 462802C” with any 3G alternator that has a gray regulator (that is most)

2. You can use any auto parts store 3G to replace the PA Performance (1614E) when on the road and the 462802C will not affect its operation. It may be difficult to find a 95A Alternator on the road, but the cars using them are listed below.

3. If the belt squeaks, you can use a bigger pulley like WAI 24-2104 with 2.988 OD. Stock is 2.7. Dead-nuts-on makes 3.87 OD, AL2026-B2 (43% bigger). Just remember that you are slowing the alternator down with a bigger pulley and too much could affect the RPM your alternator begins charging- which is the advantage of the 3G.

4. If belt squeaks at start-up use a 6 second delay regulator F5RZ-10316-BA, F5RU-10316-A GR818 F786

5. Get 14ga fuse link from picowiring.com, on pg 23 #5554PT

6. Fuses and cables are available for PA Performance 9904, or Painless 30831

7. List of cars that use a 3G, 95A alternator:

92, 93, 94 Aerostar 3.0L

92, 93, 94 B600 5.9 Diesel

92, 93, 94 B700 5.9 Diesel

92 E150 Econoline and Club wagon, 5.0L

92 E150 Econoline and Club wagon, 5.8L

92 E250, 5.8L

92 E350, 5.8L

92 E350, 7.5L

92-96 E350, 7.5L

92 E-series 5.0L

92 E-series 5.8L

92-96 E-series 7.5L

96 Econo Super Duty 7.5L

95 F-250 7.5L

95 F-350 7.5L

95 F Series 7.5L

95 F53 7.5L

What is inside the PA Performance Dummy Regulator.docx

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