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It is an M code 69 mach1 ,i have aeroform suspension with Wilwood disk brake set up . Motor is a 69 351 4v with edlebrok heads and intake ,fully built and ready to drop in . Brand new top loader ,wide ratio. It has a 9 inch but the third member is out ,it is a N case with aluminum pinnion support .all interior is here and new ,ford dash pad ,deluxe door panels ,head liner but i forgot to order the carpet . Tach dash ,am fm radio but i dont know if it works ,never tried it . I have all the Shelby fiberglass ,and trim including the Shelby exhaust collector ,i think the only thing i dont have is new door handles and rear bumper .all original glass

I have 5 Branda 69 Shelby wheels and caps .

Pro car leather front seats .

I really dont want to sell but i have a shot at some property i want to buy 

















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Looks like my 67 is sold ,and the 69 will be in the next day or two ,as soon as the money is transferd . Going to miss them both ,but i have extras so i will get over it . Guys ,try out my friend Rob Taylor's foMoCo parts trader on face book ,cars were there 1 day and sold ,had 100 messages on my phone this morning ,mostly messenger ,took all morning to get through them haha

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With the current popularity of 69s, and folks complaining about not being able to find a good one, in surprised yours is still available Jim. Anyone who's built one knows $20k is one heck of a deal. Good luck brother. 

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You would be surprised at some of the jokers i have dealt with . ,the motor alone has around 7000 in it . The wheels are close to 2000 ,the centercaps are 80 each then there is the rear exhaust collector and all the shelby trim and bumpers .what do you think it would cost just to blast paint strip and epoxy prime ? A Dynacorn body is 18000 now and you dont have a vin or registration 

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