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PCV valve - install into the intake?

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Kicking this idea around. On my intake, I have a large open area between runners 4 and 8. My PCV hose connects to the back of the carburetor.  What if I put the valve itself into the intake in that open area?  With the appropriate baffle on the underside. Would be a cleaner look than running it to the valve cover. What you guys think?  Any downfalls you see?

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I have a few random thoughts:  

  1. I'm not sure how similar the pressures and airflow are inside the intake -vs- inside the valve cover.  If different at all it might affect the performance of the PCV.  There's obviously a lot more fuel in the intake than in the valve covers.
  2. Will exposure to ethanol in the gas ruin the PCV?  
  3. If the PCV vents, will you smell the gas?
  4. Surely a statement of the obvious: You would have to drill the intake off the engine, otherwise - metal shards in the engine.

IDK.  Seems like a big change.  I've not seen it done, but not saying it can't be done.

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What engine?

early small blocks and even FE engines has their PVC located there. They used a mesh basket as an oil trap.

there is not much oil splashing in the lifter valley.

if you have a baffle and some kind of oil trap you will be fine

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