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Who has an aftermarket brake booster?

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This year a lot of my car will be changed. I am swapping my car to a 4 speed toploader from FMX, and the pedal assembly is going to be removed during the process. 

I still have a long way to go, but I do plan on tracking and autocrossing the car when I'm done. I already have the 13" Cobra brake swap up front, and a 1" master cylinder. System is well bled and the pedal travel is perfect, but I find that anything beyond cruising and the braking becomes tiresome very quickly. I am pretty set on power brakes.

I know everyone prefers the original boosters, but they are already expensive and usually in bad shape. Yes I know there are rebuilders but that just adds to the already high cost.

Has anyone had a good experience with an aftermarket unit? Which one? I would also be interested if someone purchased a master/booster combo that worked well for them.

Generally I avoid anything made/rebuilt by Cardone....

Lastly, should I avoid 9" boosters for fitment reasons? I have a borgeson steering box.

Examples on summit:

Tuff Stuff (#2225NB)--has good reviews and is pretty cheap at $169

Scott Drake (#c7zz2005bdx)--which some people seem to have issues with  $260

SSBC (#28150) apparently only for manual transmissions??--$279



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Yeah if anything you would think one would be automatic only. Hence my question about if a 9" booster is a problem. Weren't both Midland and Bendix OE units closer to 8"?

Really hoping somebody here has had success with something I can purchase.

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