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So I recently pulled my transmission for some work.  This is the original C4 that came with the 69 vert.  It has been redone within the past 6 years, so there wasn't much I needed to do with it.  I changed the servos, installed a shift kit, inspected and reinstalled the tranny.  I currently have a major leak around the low/reverse servo cover.  It seems to be coming from the top of the cover.  I removed the cover yesterday and installed a new seal, reinstalled the cover, and still have a leak (albeit a slightly smaller one!).  I've heard that using Loctite 518 around the seal and bolt holes will do wonders to cure this.  Have any of you tried this before? 

I had pulled the tranny because it was having trouble going into reverse, and would not go into 1st gear.  The install went well, and I even backed it out of the garage, which is when my son noticed the large amount of fluid coming out from under the car! :)


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I use 3m weather strip adhesive on my servos...my line pressure is 90 to 225 .that was the only stuff that would hold the fluid in....make Shure the servo is not warped..

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