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Melissa E

Request Asking price for 69 Mustang

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I am wanting to sale a '69 Mustang.  It is all original except the radio and the turning signal.  It has the original 302 engine, interior, and it is an automatic..  I have owned it since 1987 and it has been parked in a garage since 2003.  It needs work but the frame is straight.  The car is in northeast Texas.


Thank you for any help or advise you can give me.






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Cars like this have been going for 4500-5000 around DFW, so start off high....you can always comes down. It will also give you some room to come down when they do make an offer. Even if someone says they are just going to part it out;

mtr/trans not running going for 800.00

front fenders 200 each

a 69 hood sold for 350 last week on c list

if its a 9" rearend, will bring 500 - 800

and that's the big parts

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I know of one last year that sold for $6000,  but it had nice options, and was almost all restored. I would think more like $1000.  This car will take a lot of work to get to be a nice driver.  The body and paint work alone would be probably $4000?

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