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T5 Swap on 1969 Mustang

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Hi, everyone! I have a 1969 coupe mustang with a 351W and a 3 speed transmission that has lots of problems. A friend of mine gave me a T5 gearbox with the part number 1352-246 that I came to find out that is a Ford 1994 Mustang 5.0 V8 WC. 

I want to make the swap but i found out (the hard way as always) that is not that easy. I bought the adapter plate (This one) but even with that it wont fit due to the larger input shaft. 

What options do i have to install this gearbox? I dont have money to buy a pre 93 transmission one so i have to figure out how to do this with what a have. 

Any advise? 

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The 1995 and 1995 T-5s have a longer input shaft, due to the transition from the old Fox Body to the "SN95" body style.

You can get a conversion shaft here







Ford Mustang T5 WC Input Shaft-Retainer-Bearings-Shims 85-93 9 1/4" L 23 tooth

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This kit can be used to convert the 1994-2004 T5 WC with the 10" long input to the shorter '93 & earlier. Mustang V8 WC T-5. 1983-93 Ford World Class T5. Input Shaft & Retainer Kit. Input shaft WILL N...


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