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Ridge Runner

Flooding in Strathmore

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Last night the canal broke in town and flooded most of the town ,the town is under evacuation this morning . We are lucky and live on the other side of the canal so it didnt get to us .

However ,the neighbors built up their property and flooded us out pretty bad any way ,county said there is nothing we can do about it but sue them 





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That ain't right. If you  build on or change the terrain of your property, water flow is the number one concern. Depending on how much damages you suffered, filing a claim against their homeowners policy might be warranted. 

I thought of you today Jim. I drove up the 65 to Fomosa and was amazed at the beauty of the Spring time conditions. Good luck with the flooding. 

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On 3/15/2019 at 3:44 PM, mustangstofear said:

It's  different  in Florida,  if you're  building a new  home it has to go by new elevation standards.  So if you flood the  neighbor's it's not  your fault. 

It's the same in my part of California.  If building a new home, it must comply with current standards including elevations.  Do some research, sadly, the neighbors might not be responsible for any damage to your own property.  If you are in a flood zone, your homeowners insurance should cover any damage or loss.

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