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Remote Mirror for 69 Mustang

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Its been a minute since i have posted... but.. 

I am looking for a driver and passenger side solution for remote mirrors.  My 69 has factory sport mirrors, but the vibration has always been a problem.  Does anyone know of an aftermarket mirror that will work in place of the stock sport mirror(s) and allow for adjustment, either mechanical or electronic... and i don't mind modifying what i have.... as long as the vibration is significantly reduced. 

thanks for your input!

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+1 on the Torino mirrors if you want remote passenger control. There's a few threads about those out there. That won't solve the vibration problem, though - I get it too at certain times, when my speed and RPMs align just right - the mirrors are a blur.  Not sure what can be done for that. You could look at modern mirrors but I think the unique profile of our doors can be a problem when it comes to transplanting just any mirror.

Have you thought about just calling the guy in the Chevy on your cell phone and asking him what's back there?

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