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Caltrac's, leafs and suspension Stuff

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Okay So I just bit the bullet and installed a rear 4 Link along with front coil over conversion kit so I now have the following items for sale if anyone wants them.

1 Set of Caltrac Bars with front spring plates to fit the standard Eye and reverse eys spring set ups..yes there is a different plate for a reverse eye spring. - $250.00

1 Set of 4.5 Leaf Mid Eye Springs from Opentracker which still has the big ass aluminum bushing in the front for the Caltrac Bars so if you buy the bars you buy the springs LOL..J/K Ill pop the bushing out if need be. - $100.00

1 Set of rear leaf spring hangers that are 1" longer than stock..Also from open tracker

1 Pair of Rancho Adjustable Rear Shocks - $25.00

1 Pair of Front Koni Classic Single adjustable Shocks - $100.00

1 Set of Front Coil Springs from Opentracker that have been trimmed a bit to obtain the ride height my car had - $25.00


If anyone wanted the same ride height and look my car had then buy every bit of this stuff and be done.... 

Ill let it ALL go for $450.00 plus S&H....May be able to cover some of the shipping depending on location and Cost.

Not to bad for a pretty much complete set up 

I can be reached at 225-241-3278 or by email at jdorough@daigleindustries.com

or Msg me here... Will get pics up this evening.

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Hi Mike, I have some questions about the CalTracs bars. Are they off of a 69-70 mustang?what is the condition of them? Bars are straight, hiem joints still tight? This would include the complete setup of the bars, front bracket at the spring eye, rod ends, and plates that bolt to the leaf spring where the shock attaches. Also all hardware for the front bracket, spacers and such. I also would need the large aluminum bushing in the leaf spring. Would you take $200. for it and I pay shipping?  Ship the cheapest possible to 48310.

Thanks, Roy

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Have the following items remaining.

Koni Classic Front Shocks

Rancho Rear adjustable Shocks

1 Pair of Front Coil Springs (OTR)

1 Pair of Mid Eye rear leaf Springs with extended hangers (OTR)

Someone give me $150 plus shipping for EVERYTHING 

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