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Yeah I’m still alive. Current project 68 f100

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Just wanted to check in. I poke my head in on occasion but stay busy on the truck groups. 

Anyway I still have the 69 Grande. She lives in the garage. 

The current project is a 68 f100. Crown Vic front suspension, explorer rear, efi 351w, 4r70w. Building the motor right now. 

Anyway, here’s some pics. 

Check out my Instagram @ericmreimer








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11 hours ago, EastYorkStang said:

Nice truck. Curious why you're going with Fitech ? I'm undecided but want to EFI my cars. 

I run a mass air system on my mustang and I like it for the most part. Going fitech because 2 reasons. 1-I got it on craigslist for 500 and 2- because I like an easy, reliable start. 

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On 1/22/2019 at 7:41 AM, 69RavenConv said:

Good to hear from you - nice truck! I would love to find a old pickup project but the salt-monster eats all of them where I live.

Thanks and I hear ya. This one was in a field for a bunch of years. Down here the gulf coast humidity kills everything. Luckily this one had minimal rust but mice did a job on it. 

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