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Remove clutch pedal with automatic?

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Hi everyone. I'm working on my 69 Mach 1 which was a factory 4 speed manual transmission car with a 390. Before I bought the vehicle, the engine and transmission plus threw shifter had been removed and an automatic shifter had been installed. The previous owner was running a 351w with an automatic. Not sure if it was a C4 or C6.  The clutch pedal had been left  in the car, and secured up out of the way. I want to use a C6 automatic transmission, because that's what I have available. I also am installing power brakes with a new power brake pedal. Will I need to remove the clutch assembly in order to clear the brake pedal?

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Ya it's easy, other than being on your back under the dash (: 

Hey, any chance you care to sell that clutch pedal? If so, I'm interested.

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