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My Hagerty Premiums went up 20% this year...

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Guys, question about your Hagerty rates.  My premiums went up ~20% this year - out of the blue.  It is the beginning of my 3rd year, and I haven't made a claim, however, I was in the Harvey flood zone on the TX coast.  I asked a rep about the rise, and he didn't really have any answers other than a casual "yeah, well, seems like we had some significant losses there....".  So, I found a deal with identical coverage (on paper at least) at https://americancollectors.com.  I'm switching.

Curious if Hagerty had rates rise across the board, or if it is basically them saying "we want to be out of the coastal risk area".  Did your rates go up, and how much?  Any bad stories around American Collectors?  Hagerty was good to deal with but I want that $100/year for parts thank you very much....  

Thanks for any feedback...


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I've used American Collectors for 20 years or so. I've only had one claim and it was just for towing. I'm only supposed to be covered for $250, but they paid the complete bill that was over $300 if I remember right. 

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