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Santa Came Early

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Received a gift today that totally blew me away. A friend that I have helped over the years with various projects from autos to construction , which I never charged, delivered this last night. 82 Fox body, 5.0. The stable is full. 







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I know Pyranees are large dogs.  But, are you sure it's two weeks?  To the best of my knowledge at two weeks puppies are nursing.  Most puppies are not ready to be separated until at least 6 weeks old.  Partly because of shots they should have.  Or are Pyranees different?

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Wow that sure is a nice and clean FOX … interior looks original and in great shape too considering it's age.

My dad had an '80 Hatchback (200 I6 / 4 or 5-Speed) that he bought new and is what I learned how to drive stick in.   My brother still has a '79 Hatchback 302 / 4-Speed that he bought in the late 80's.   I had a '79 Fairmont Futura that I bought in '89 and basically turned into a roomier Mustang GT w/ '85 5.0L, AOD, 8.8 3.27 T-Lok, Quad-Shocks, 10-hole LX Wheels, SVO Seats & Console, etc. so I was deep into the FOX body world until the mid-90's.

The FOX platform was so easy and fun to mod ... kinda miss those simpler times !!


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