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69 Cruzin

302 Top End Kits?

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2 hours ago, barnett468 said:

It's not quite that simple.

What are you trying to achieve and how will you be driving/using the car?

Are you going to change the cam?

So you have dished pistons or flat top?

Do the pistons have 2 or 4 valve reliefs?

Has the block been zero decked?

How much money ya 



Looking at something like this.  Complete set.

Yes flat piston

Yes to cam.

Looking for increase hp and sound. Not a racer just a nice cruiser.


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what is your trans?

what is your rear gear ratio?

will you be doing much freeway driving?

the small valve edelbrock e street heads are a very decent upgrade but you couldn't pay me enough money to use one of their cams.

I would use a non roller comp, lunati, howards, or chet Herbert cam probably in the 262 duration range but need to know the answers to the other questions to make the best suggestions.

crane anti pump lifters or crower cool face lifters.

cloyes true roller timing chain or a rollmaster

howards push rods

that intake will "work" but it is really not much, if any better than a stock one. that being said, the ho po engines used a stock cast iron intake and had 271 hp but one of the stealth intake may work better for your app if you want to rev the engine out fairly often.

holley or quick fuel carb in the 500 - 600 cfm range. if you have an auto trans, I would use a vacuum secondary type.

you should check your piston deck height before buying head gaskets. those heads will also need to be milled to obtain the optimum compression.


PS - The only way one can get the 321 hp eddy claims that kit will make on a 289 - 302 will be if they also put a supercharger on it with around 10 psi of boost.








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