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Any V8 running 6 cylinder spindles (4 lug)

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Hey hows it going guys out of curiosity anyone with a V8 and still running 6 cylinder spindles? (4 lug drums)

or has anyone made the change to the Wilwood 4 lug disc brake kit available? and how do they feel, are they good when braking?

I bought V8 spindles with drums and I know they are stronger and plan on converting to disc but just curious as to weather the kit works well!

Let the discussion began!



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The spindles and the hubs can be interchanged.   My '68 has 6 cylinder spindles with a 5 lug SSBC disc brake rotors installed.  My '70 had disc brake spindles, and I reverted back to drum brake spindles so I could use late model Cobra brakes with the Mustang Steve bracket kit.   I depends on the inner and outer wheel bearing diameter.  Many of the old 5 lug hubs will fit on the 6 cylinder spindles.   I do agree that there are certain spindles that have a lot more meat to them, that make them more durable.   

I have an original set of 1970 disc brake spindles for sale if you are interested.  Just PM me.  



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