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Help selecting radiator for 427W

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I have a 427W running on E85 with AFR heads that makes 590hp.

13.5 Compression

Street/strip vehicle. 

I am looking for a cost effective aluminum radiator. Or even a factory radiator if it would be adequate for my needs. Suggestions?

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Not knowing much about the car (sorry, I have not been following you), but that you seem to have a lot of modifications to the motor, get the biggest Aluminum one you can get that will fit. Anything you can do to keep the temps down is going to help.


I got a 24" 3 row



View my build photo album by clicking on the image

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the absolute best value in a rad is the coolcraft aluminum high efficiency with a multi pass option.

the best one would  be a custom horizontal multi pass one but they are expensive.

you also need a high flow water pump to get the optimum perf out of this rad.

a brass milodon high flow t stat is the best if you run a t stat.

this being said, you don't need a big rad if you are only going to run it at the race track.


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Barnett is right...

My 427w is using a champion MC338. Was using stock 24" 3 core from years ago...

Using the 3 core the temp would rise from 160 to 195 down the track during the 1/8th

Now 165 start 170 to 175 finish.. Hi flow pump and such..147deg. stat flex fan and shroud.

Your E-85 should help out on the cooling .. Have a buddy with a small truck and he has a hard time keeping temp in it on E-85..

E-85 is going to be in my future soon... as soon as a station gets it near me..

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