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ENTIRE ROOM full of 1969 / 1970 Mustang Parts - $500

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Cut/paste link below for 39 pictures of parts


I will box these parts up and meet you locally in Ross Ohio.

ENTIRE ROOM FULL of 1969 1970 Ford Mustang OEM Parts Mach Boss Shelby 

Springs, sun visors, brackets, mirrors, dash switches, headlight bezels (mostly broken), coupe window regulators, steering column rag joint, Front Bumper main braces brackets, outer brackets, window regulator (1969), and window guide rods, Dash trim (some broken), floor pan plugs, accelerator gas pedals, windshield wipers, brackets, trunk lid catches, fan spacer, Windshield wiper motor, coils, coil brackets, washer bottles, washer pumps, trunk latches, mirror, ignition switch dash brackets, windshield wiper, fan spacer, voltage regulator, 5 sets of headlight buckets strut rods, glove box doors, washer nozzles, washer hoses, window trim clips, bushings, Windshield wiper motor, oil pump, door handles, window cranks, shifter bezels, marker lights, coupe window regulators, headlight rings, gauge bezels (black) door handles, springs, a/c firewall cover (holes drilled in it), brackets, radiator mount, headlight rings, Horns, Timing chain cover. front cross member 6 blade heavy fan, export braces, alternator bracket, door vents, gauge lenses, weather stripping, windlace, flywheel, flywheel inspection cover, pulley, headlight buckets, and MUCH MORE. Condition varies but overall good parts to restore. 

These parts are MOSTLY 1969 1970 OEM parts, but some may be other years. What you see in the pictures is what you get except the very top shelf is not car parts - and do not go.

Condition varies but overall good parts to restore. 

I'll try to help the best I can with any questions or if you need more pictures. I even have boxes to box them up. I will meet you in person locally in Ross with the ALL parts.

Will not separate parts out here and there. Please txt due to very busy work schedule.



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Hello.  I'll wouldn't mind but if I do that then I have to take and post new pics and redo ads.  Somebody will buy and say "hey wheres my radiator mount" LOL.  I'll keep it as an entire lot for now.  I'll let you know if I decide to split up in the future.  Thanks!

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