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69 Vert project

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13 hours ago, Vicfreg said:

Nice progress and beautiful work....look forward to seeing it running soon!

Thanks, it runs pretty well (well at least engine starts and keeps running) 

Im just not used to the older style anything anymore. I know it sounds silly, but once you do modular engines, you forget simplicity/

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body man is working on the panels.

it turns out the dynacorn radiator support is over 1/2 lower on the left than to the right, so the right side is 3/4 in lower than the left side.

stupid me for assuming the part is correct when they make it.

you cant tell unless you look dead straight at it, too late to do anything now.




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Couldn't live with knowing the right side was lower so instead of cutting the aprons off and the radiator, we just cut the top of the apron and rad. support and added to it.

Now it is perfectly level.




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So I went to the body shop today to see my stang. What do i see beside it? One bad ass gasser belonging to Chuck Zito.

The guy I'm using did this car for him 20 years ago and still looks perfect!







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