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Winter Needs to be done already

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Lower NH today.... snow-ice-cold..

Tomorrow- rain and cold


Mustang hooks up poorly on these days....


I fix motorcycles for a living so this needs to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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21 hours ago, MN69Grande said:

For all you users out on the West Coast or in the south, here's what April sometimes looks like in the north.... Blizzard time.



Here in Michigan today, over 300,000 homes without electricity!!!    Ice storms last night...   Trees and branches down all over!!!   :(  

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Well I'm not sure what to think about where I'm at.  Denver area was sunny and low 60's yesterday.  Took both mustangs out for their weekly drives.  Today was sunny and high 60's so I worked on the Mercury.  I guess being in the middle we did OK.



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You have your Hog.

You have your ground hog.

You have your skidder hog.


The ground hog being the far most dangers. 


I could go on but there maybe children reading....


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Hello all,

Was thinking of driving the Boston Marathon in the Mach - -but soooooo much rain  LOL

Spring will not come here. Just rain, freezing rain and wind. Rained hard Monday and Tuesday - -supposed to rain

Thursday and Friday - -yuck

No umph to start working on the steering box - - -or paint the windows in the house or honey do list  LOL

I kid about the Marathon - -but God Bless those healthy and hearty enough to even attempt the run.

Be well - -SAm

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Worst storm / most snow of the '17-18 season came to our city in North-East Wisconsin on Sunday ... 12" was what the neighbor measured.

North and West of us got even more. 

Four of us were planning on going down to Madison on Sunday for a concert, meeting up with two others coming up from Dubuque, IA.   This included 3 non-cancelable $130 rooms for Sunday night.   The Dubuque couple ended up finding 4 others to go with them so not a total waste and they all had a great time.  

Band we were going to see was Houndsmouth and none of the 6 from Dubuque had ever heard of them but were all fans come the end of the night ... guess they put on a great show. 

Just don't expect weather this time of year to screw up plans like this in the mid-west.

April snow fall to date broke an early 1900's record in Green Bay, WI.

I've got my driver's seat out giving it a complete overhaul, so in a way I'm happy weather is another reason keeping it in the garage.  

Late 80's vintage replacement Mach 1 upholstery (real Comfortweave) is in near perfect shape, but original foam & burlap has been crumbling for many years.   Ordered up foam, spring sets, burlap, felt to replace jute edging, etc. ... still waiting on CJP to ship the seat back spring sets though; they are running over a week late from Dynacorn. 


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