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Millennial Review of A 1969 Resto-Mod

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This video cracks me up for so many reasons but the biggests:

1.) How many of the cars on this site are in the same state as this one... Drive-able but nothing works.  Or things magically start and stop working.

2.) How much fun this young guy has and how excited he is to be driving a classic Mustang.  Probably the same feeling I get when everything is working right.

3.) How he describes driving the car.  A lot of work but totally worth it.

4.) His shock that a paint job could cost 8k! 

I haven't watched any of their other reviews but this one I found entertaining.  Not a horrible coupe either.


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OMG....Jack must be his BFF to let him drive the car, I was LMAO, NALOPKT that these old Mustangs are just GR8, this video left me ROFL


"This clutch pedal is like a block of lead....."    "You gotta be a Real Man to drive this car"...

"Or, a woman with strong legs...."

My favorite was the missing headliner...

Party on Garth.






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