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69 Mach 1 / 408W

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I really like the looks of the shaved rear bumper. Like to do the same to my 70 Mach 1 project. Love to see more pics of the bumper mods. Did you fabricate your own bumper mounts to pull it in? 

My original plan was to keep a very original appearance, but I am slowly moving further and further away from that. I plan on stroking the Cleveland to either a 383 or 408 with an Edelbrock AirGap, Holley EFI and dual sync, and adding upgrades such as Borgesson P/S, Classic Air A/C, Power Windows, Power Disc brakes, a Tremec TKO-600 5 spd with Hydraulic Clutch, upgraded suspension (possibly a Global West kit), TinMan Subframes, and Eaton TrueTrac anti-slip Diff. Also going with TMI interior.

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On 1/16/2020 at 12:57 PM, Machspeed said:

Gorgeous! Curious, did you get the cost of that paint job worked out? As I recall they doubled the amount of hours they quoted you on it. 

After several discussions, the shop realized the error they made in lack of communication and disclosure regarding the huge discrepancy (estimate 220 hours versus actual 660 hour), we came to an acceptable agreement.

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