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make an adjustable and portable paint booth

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Below are pictures of a paint booth I came up with. You can adjust the length and width. You can take it apart and store it when you do not need it. Used 1/2" and 3/4" conduit for the metal parts. Cover it with thin plastic, tape it up. When you are done remove and discard the thin plastic (keep the thick plastic on the doors and back structure. Pictures should give you an idea on the construction.


DSCF6310 90.jpg

DSCF6311 100.jpg

DSCF6312 100.jpg

DSCF6313 95.jpg


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Great timing I was just making a material list to build one similar to this. I'm making it lightweight with 1-1/4" PCV tubing the 3 way corner connectors will be drilled with cotter keys with 1 or 2 roof rods for rigidity , the door will be heavy clear with magnets to hold them closed, fan end will be heavy clear with a small frame for fan.

Just picked up a 3 piece heated water separator/filter (1 heater, 1 separator. 1 charcoal filter cartridge).

I'll take some pics this spring when I get it together.

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You might want to compare the weight of 1/2" steel conduit and 1 1/4" PVC if you are going for light weight. 1/2" metal conduit is real stiff compared to 1 1/4 pvc and do not bend much when suspended free.

I can adjust the length and width of mine and collapse it (including the fan/filter box) by removing the conduits for storage. It is tucked by the wall during storage and takes up 8x2 feet of floor space. Width can't be smaller than the fan box and door frame when assembled.

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29 minutes ago, Viperpete said:

Can't see the pics!

That's because a LOT of the images here were deleted a while back to make room for us to continue operating. 

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